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Construction of the ring blower fans is based on the lateral ducts principle. The blowers can operate as either exhaust or compression fans and are designed for continuous service.
A special impeller forces the intake air to follow a spiral path; the air is thus subjected to repeated accelerations that permit achieving high pressure and vacuum values.
The impeller is assembled directly on the motor shaft; all the rotating parts are dynamically balanced to ensure absolute absence of vibrations.
The device features full die-cast aluminum construction for maximum sturdiness and ease of handling.
No lubrication is required, since there are no points of contact between the static and the rotating pants.
Special silencers assembled on both the intake and delivery sides contribute to reducing noise to a minimum.
Our three decades of experience in the sector and our ongoing commitment to research have made it possible to build impellers with special characteristics such as to avoid the accumulation of small foreign bodies, oil and dust inside the fan and thus avert the risk of unbalancing, seizing up, etc.
One outstanding feature of the device of the blower is that the air pumped always remains perfectly clean.
The exhaust fans require no lubrification
Quick and easy maintenance
The exhaust fans can be mounted in any position