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info tecnic
informazioni tecniche
graph. intake
grafico aspirazione
graph. compression
grafico compressione
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R 2000/1 - It is equiped whith a three-phase asynchonous motor,protection IP 55,class F insulation,suited to runnig at multiple voltages (V.220/254-380/440) and multiple frequencies ranging from to 50 to 60 Hz. Power Kw.1,1 .A self-adjustable safety valve is advisable for working at 60 Hz.
R 2002 -ditto V.230/400 Hz.50 power KW.1,1
R 2003 -ditto single-phase V.220 z.50 power Kw.1,1
R 2004 -ditto V.230/400 Hz.50 power KW.1,5
R 2005 -ditto V.230/400 Hz.50 power KW.2,2
R 2006 -ditto
single-phase V.22 Hz.50 power KW.1,5